Monday, October 4, 2021

Pink Slip, Pinker Bottom...........Pantied By Her....Part 4


Reluctantly, i started down the stairs holding the oval wooden hairbrush that i already had a love/hate relationship with. The pink charmeuse slip was tight and short and rode up as i slowly descended the stairs. At the bottom, i tugged it down and took several deep, shaky breaths trying to calm myself. i felt so foolish dressed like this, but also oddly calm; it was as if i had been tranquilized. i had accepted my fate as J's submissive servant and it was a huge relief to me that i didn't have to maintain the standard macho male mask for Her. i could give myself freely.

She was waiting for me, hands on hips, at the far end of the lounge and she looked incredible. Tall, statuesque, and commanding in Her conservative business suit with knee-length skirt and black high-heeled pumps (such a symbol of feminine authority to me). i shuffled across the room to Her, acutely embarrassed.

 Wordlessly, She pointed to the floor at Her feet and i knelt, handing Her the hairbrush. i couldn't look Her in the face so i bent and placed a kiss on the toes of Her gleaming pumps. She told me to look at Her, and i did meekly. Her face was flushed (with triumph?) and a small smile played across Her lips. She brushed my hair back from my face and praised me for having the courage to submit to Her so completely. i blushed with pleasure. It hadn't occurred to me that submitting took bravery, but of course it did, especially in a macho society like Australia.
i spent the next half-hour learning to walk in a 'less ape-like fashion'. Up and down the line formed by the edge of the carpet, small steps, placing one foot in front of the other, so 'lady-like'. She waited at one end, correcting me with the brush after each trip, until finally She was satisfied. i carefully walked to the kitchen to cook Her dinner, oddly proud of myself, and sat at Her feet as She ate, waiting. i remembered Her comment about not tolerating disobedience and i was sure She hadn't forgotten.
Sure enough, after i had cleared up the dishes, J summoned me to the lounge. She was sitting stern and straight in one of the dining room chairs She had placed in the middle of the room. She tapped the brush on Her knee and curtly ordered me over to Her side. As usual, i felt weak and watery. My mouth went dry and i felt a little sick. She grasped my ear and pulled me across Her knee until my toes were barely touching the floor, my bottom stuck up high and vulnerable. She rubbed the back of the brush on my slip-covered bottom as She praised me for my submissive behaviour. i was shaking, i knew this praise wasn't going to save me from a very painful spanking. i was right.

The praise stopped and the thrashing began, interspersed with scolding. She paused to pull my slip up, exposing my lacy panties. The brush smacked into my taut panties over and over again until i was sure my bottom was pinker than my panties. i kicked and squirmed until She warned me that the spanking would start over again unless i 'took it like a big girl'. i learned later that She had been a prefect at the private school She had attended and had often enjoyed administering discipline to younger girls.

Finally my panties were pulled down to the tops of my stockings, and my bare bottom spanked until i was sobbing and pleading. Satisfied, She put down the brush and finished me off slowly with Her surprisingly hard hand. As painful as this was, i loved the intimacy- the feel of Her warm hand on my humbled bare bottom, thrust up so invitingly, the feel of my swelling cock rubbing against Her warm skirted thigh through the silky luxury of my panties.
By the time She put me in the corner, the front of my panties were bulging. i knelt there contentedly with the back of my panties pulled down and my slip tucked into my garter belt, my reddened bottom on display.

Sunday, September 26, 2021


An essay by Mistress Angela

Some eager gurls don't take long to feminise at fact they can hardly wait!

Oh, please hurry Mistress! I need You deep inside me so badly!!

"Feminization is an on-going process that includes many things that can be summarized as "making him behave like a woman."  This process includes, turning his ass into a pussy; dressing him in panties, bras, skirts, high-heels; putting make-ups, and so on.

Among all of these tools, the one that is the most serious and successful is "strap-on sex."  By merely fucking his ass, you'd have passed 50% of the process of feminizing him.
The act of fucking his ass has dual effect, psychological and biological (yes, biological too), on each of you and him.  As he bends over to you, he physically and psychologically behaves like a woman.  The more he gets fucked, the more he'll like it and the more he'll behave femininely, and the less he would think of his dick for fucking; rather he would think more of being bottom.  This is because the ass is a natural part of the man, and since it gives him more pleasure than his dick, then his thinking of anal sex would replace that of him being on top.  Science has shown that this process affects his biology too.  That is, the more he behaves femininely, the less testosterone his body produces, and hence, the more his biology becomes feminine, or more accurately, the less masculine.
For you, the process is reversed.  The more you fuck his ass, the more masculine you become.  You physically and psychologically behave like a man.  When you wear your dildo under your pants, you start looking for a pussy to fuck.  When you fuck your hubby's pussy, your self-esteem is higher and your muscles become stronger and stronger.  When you make him moan under you, you know how powerful you are and how sissy he becomes under you.  When you pound his ass, you both recognize who is the real fucker.  With some supplements of testosterone and exercising, you'll become much stronger—your power will double, triple, and maybe more.
So, it is important to keep in mind the great benefit gained from fucking his ass.  By merely fucking his ass, you gain many things: You psychologically and biologically feminize him; masculinize yourself, and gain more power.  Keep in mind that without you frequently fucking his ass, you won't completely succeed in feminizing him; and by merely fucking his ass you would have passed 50% of the track.

The Way You Take Him Is Also Important

Besides merely fucking his ass, it is equally important the way you do it, and the way you think of each other as you have sex.  Of course, most people love different positions in sex.  However, it is very crucial that you frequently fuck his ass hard, and while you be in full control of the position.  Pounding his ass is a good idea.  The more you are in control and powerful, the more you love yourself on top and the more he'll love you on top too.
The easiest way of fucking his pussy is the doggy-style, but the most meaningful position is the missionary (or the girly position).  Lifting his legs backward, putting his ankles on your shoulders or around your back is the loveliest position.

You can both look at each other.  You look at him under your control, and he looks at you in control of him.  Having strong muscles would have a great effect on his psychology as he'll see your muscles tightening and loosening while you take him."

by Mistress Angela

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Maid to Order

 I adore this drawing so much! It captures, what is to me, the essence of sissy maid submission to the Divine Feminine. The Woman is radiant with her true Feminine Power as she happily accepts her sissy maid's kisses of devotion as her natural due. What could be more submissive than kissing her lovely bottom with such obvious adoration, leaving lipstick lip prints all over  her smooth skin?

The sissy is dressed in the classic gurlie uniform of the French maid. Yes, it is a cliche, but it is the uniform of a submissive servant. No real woman would deign to wear such a frilly, lacy outfit, but 'male' subs are delighted to wear such an obviously gurlie and servile outfit to please a Domme! Notice how flushed his cheeks are and how obviously he is stretching the front of his silky panties. Sissy maid is wearing the lacy collar gifted to him by his Domme, another and very practical symbol of his submission to her.

Friday, September 3, 2021

PANTIED BY HER.....Chapter 3.....Introduction To Her Hair Brush


The next day was a work day. After all my housework had been completed to J's satisfaction, i was put to bed early in the spare bedroom. Again tied to the bed, again masked in Her very musky panties. 

She woke me early, kissed me and told me how pleased my submission made Her. i knelt and thanked Her again for teaching me so well. Dutifully, i cooked Her breakfast then cleaned up the dishes. i was just getting ready to leave for work, when She told me that i was to have a little reminder before i left. J. ordered me to take off my jeans and underwear, bent me over the counter, and gave me a quick but very vigorous spanking with the wooden spoon. It didn't take much to make my still sore bottom even more sore and i was soon doing a little dance over that counter. 

As a token of obedience and as a constant reminder of my place, She made me put on my 'training panties' and an old pair of control-top pantie hose under my work clothes. This sure worked! The double layer seemed to retain the heat of my spanking for hours, and i was constantly reminded of my place by the humiliatingly feminine feel of the tight hose and lingerie on my skin. In addition, i was terrified someone would notice somehow. 

i didn't sit down for long that day, either. Even sitting down to pee on the toilet with my panties around my knees was a reminder of my new 'status'. At lunch time, She phoned me and asked me how 'my poor smacked bottom felt in those tight little panties.' i was so embarrassed that i could feel my face glowing. Then She told me in detail what was in store for me when i got home. You could have grilled hamburgers on my cheeks! 

Luckily, i was alone in the office because i was also as hard as a rock inside those pink panties. i shuffled into the washroom and splashed cold water on my face. i spent the afternoon in an agony of anticipation, as i'm sure She intended. By the time i got home, i was in quite a state- very excited and very scared at the same time. This relationship was progressing very fast, spinning out of my control. Which, of course, was the whole point, although i was barely aware of it. 

J was the sexiest, most exciting Woman i had ever had the privilege of knowing and i would do anything to please Her and She knew it. i arrived home before Her and quickly showered and shaved as per Her phone call. i struggled into my panties and pantie hose again and waited for Her in the lounge, kneeling in the corner by the fireplace. i was literally shaking in anticipation and, perversely, semi-erect. 

After what seemed like an hour, i heard Her car door slam and the front door open. Her heels clicked slowly across the hardwood floor and stopped. i could sense Her presence and smell the sweetness of Her scent as She stood behind me, inspecting me. Silently, She gathered my long hair into a ponytail and tied it back with a scarf, then, using it as a handle dragged me on my knees across the floor to the long brown leather couch. She sat down, crossed Her legs then offered me Her foot to kiss. i did so lovingly, i regarded it as a privilege. 

She looked wonderful in Her dark, no-nonsense business suit and white silk blouse. Smiling, She opened the shopping bag She'd placed on the couch and showed me the oval wooden hair brush She'd told me She was going to buy for me (with my money!). "Do you like it?", She mocked. i stammered some reply; my mouth had gone dry and my legs felt like rubber. 'you look so cute in panties, and I'm sure this will be an excellent pantie-warmer. Shall we try it out?' 

She stood up, slowly removed Her jacket and bracelets, sat down and ordered me across Her lap. She stroked my upturned bottom- Her hand felt so soft and warm through the nylon. She placed one of my arms between Her bottom and the back of the couch and firmly bent the other up into the small of my back, Her long nails digging into my wrist. The spanking began- slow, hard and deliberate. This wasn't so bad, i thought. The double layer of panties and pantie hose dulled the impact and the long pauses between smacks gave me time to recover. Then She rolled the pantie hose down, and began beating my panties harder and faster. This hurt! Especially when She hit the spots the spoon had bruised that morning. 

Soon i was bucking and squirming across Her knee, which was just what She wanted. 'Do you like my pantie-warmer? Feeling macho now?' She teased. i had never felt less macho, but it felt so right lying there across Her lap. The spanking continued, now slow and hard, now fast and furious. There was no rhythm or pattern. No set number of strokes to endure. My legs were kicking involuntarily and, despite my best efforts, each smack forced a squeal or moan from me. i was losing what little control i had. 

Then She lowered my panties! i heard myself begging Her to stop, that i would do anything She wanted, that i would be Her slave. She said, ' you already are my slave! Now raise your bottom high and ask me nicely to spank you.' i did in a shaky voice and She spanked me until i lay there still and submissive across Her lap, raising my bottom obediently for each stroke, sobbing loudly and unashamedly, tears flowing freely. 

She was right, Her will was stronger than mine. i was Her slave. With shaking hands, a tear-stained face and an incredibly sore bottom, i cooked Her dinner and served Her. Then i cleaned up, and spent the rest of the evening kneeling in the corner with the hair brush shoved down the back of my panties. She calmly read magazines, sipped tea and phoned a friend as if nothing unusual had happened. i spent the night curled up under a blanket on the floor at the foot of Her bed, chaste and obedient. 

After my first hair brushing and cold, lonely night on the floor of J's bedroom i realized that this was my true destiny. i belonged to J, to do with as She wished. i truly wanted and needed to be the submissive partner. In the morning, i made Her breakfast and got ready for work, wearing my panties and pantie hose without being told. This pleased Her, and She stroked my sore bottom through my panties as She kissed me goodbye. 

i spent another anxious day at work, still terrified someone would be able to spot my feminine clothing somehow. But now i was almost enjoying the symbolic slavery; the constant reminder of silky nylon against my shaved legs and sore, marked bottom. J. phoned me at lunch to tell me how much She had enjoyed pulling my panties down and thrashing my bottom. i blushed madly, and one of the secretaries teased me about it all afternoon. If only she knew! 

i hurried home that evening and was making dinner when J returned , carrying another shopping bag. 'you make such a good little wife!', She teased, standing behind me at the sink caressing my butt. Her hands felt so good, and i arched my neck back as She kissed my neck. She slipped Her hands inside my shirt and pinched my hardening little nipples as She pressed Her groin hard into my bottom, pushing me against the counter. Her stockinged leg forced my legs to part and She whispered into my ear 'Bend for me.' i felt as if i was melting, i could only obey. 

She grasped my hipbones and started to pump me from behind, slowly and gently at first then faster and fiercely. i could feel Her heat of Her passion right through Her skirt and my jeans. i pushed back eagerly, wiggling my bottom sluttishly- this felt so amazing. She was symbolically taking me from behind right here in the kitchen and it felt SO right! The blood was roaring in my ears and i could hardly stand when She finally released me. 'Good girl' She said. 

i couldn't look Her in the eye but She tilted my chin up with Her gentle fingers and kissed me softly. 'I've got something for you', She said, handing me the shopping bag. My fingers trembled as i took it and looked at the pretty lingerie inside. 'No, i can't,' i said in horror. Panties were bad enough, but i was terrified of the femininity in the bag. 'You can and you will', She snapped. 'Don't you think your mates at work would be interested to hear how I dress you in panties and put you over my knee? Now go and get changed and serve my dinner!' 

i knew i had no choice and slowly started up the stairs. 'Oh, and bring me down the hairbrush, too. I will NOT tolerate disobedience.' i slowly and clumsily changed into the matching soft pink lingerie in the bag, struggling with the bra and garter belt. i felt SO foolish but it did feel wonderful against my skin as i slid the slip over my head and smoothed it down over my slim body. Mmmm, it did feel so sexy. i primped in the mirror, brushed my long, soft hair until it shone in the evening light, then gently kissed the back of that innocent-looking, ladylike hair brush. i had delayed as long as i could- trembling, i carried that fearsome hair brush downstairs to where my Lady waited. i had taken another big, irrevocable step.

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Pantied Part 2- Who Owns You?

Once that first, hard step is taken, the submission comes easily (no pun intended). After that first, almost accidental spanking and the following corner humiliation, our relationship changed drastically. Now Janet knew She could punish me and we both enjoyed it, although i sure didn't about three strokes into my spanking.

Most Women never realize the power they have over men; we truly are 'slaves to our dicks'. We will put up with almost anything for the tiniest hope of sexual satisfaction. That is why enforced chastity works so well in training the male. The Woman decides when, how and if sex takes place. That is the ultimate power.

Janet knew this and She loved being the one in control. After my first spanking and corner time (Her musky panties in my mouth, red bottom exposed and a very obvious erection), She marched me upstairs to the guest room by my ear, stripped me completely, and tied me to the single bed with old pantie hose- on my back, feet tied together then tied to the footboard, arms spread and tied loosely to the side of the bed frame. i could move, but not much, and i certainly couldn't touch my throbbing cock! She put Her panties over my head, teased my quivering cock with Her fingers and tongue, then covered me with a blanket, turned off the light, and left me there until morning! I spent the whole night lying there in frustration, breathing in Her musk, with my sore bottom throbbing. i had never felt so humble (or horny). i certainly knew my place now.

In the morning, i woke to find Her smiling down at me with satisfaction. She removed the pantie-mask, wrapped it around my cock and teased me mockingly. She told me that my role from the on was to please Her in whatever way She wanted- i was Her servant, Her ladies maid, She was the Mistress. i willingly agreed - i would have said anything. She slid a pillow under my head, lifted up Her nightie, straddled my face and rode my eager tongue to a couple of shuddering wet climaxes. The pact was sealed.

As a further humiliation, i spent the rest of the day dressed only in a pair of Her old panties cleaning the house. It was very humbling - i jumped a mile every time the phone rang, and hid in the bathroom when someone came to the door. i was terrified someone would see me in panties! ( i guess because to a male, wearing feminine clothing is a very strong symbol of submissive status)

Now that Janet knew i was so embarrassed wearing panties, it gave Her another hold on me. She told me how cute i looked and teasingly suggested She would invite the ladies from my work to see me in panties. i was horrified, and begged Her not to do it. She told me i was safe as long as i pleased Her in any way She wished. i thankfully agreed, and impulsively fell to my knees and kissed Her feet. This pleased Her. She smiled and stroked my hair, then turned, lifted Her skirt and ordered me to kiss Her bottom. "Thoroughly and passionately," She said, and i did with a wonderful feeling of submission and love. She grabbed my long hair and forced my mouth hard against Her gorgeous bottom as i kissed and licked Her satin panties. She told me i was Her 'good girl' and that i was going to be an excellent little maid once She had me trained.

After several minute of worship, She made me kneel on the padded leather ottoman with my hands clasped behind my head. She went into the kitchen and returned with a long wooden spoon. 'Now I'm going to teach you to appreciate the privilege of wearing panties', She said, pinching my very obvious erection through the pink nylon of my panties. She stood beside me and proceeded to paddle me on the seat of my panties until i was moaning and shifting from side to side. 'Hurts does it, sweetie,' She mocked, then gave me several more hard swats, then stroked my bottom through my panties, commenting on how warm my ass was getting. She then pulled down the back of my panties, tapped my cringing bottom with the spoon, and started to spank me again. It hurt even more with panties down, and i was very soon crying and begging Her to stop. "Didn't I tell you wearing panties was a privilege?' She said, paddling me harder. 'Go on, beg me to let you wear panties.' i begged between sobs. 'Tell me that I own you, tell me that you will be my good 'girl'. Humiliated, i agreed. She gave me six more hard strokes on the bare ( i had to count aloud), then let me pull up my panties for the last part of my training.

She stood in front of me, opened Her blouse, and folded Her bra down, exposing Her hardened nipples. Her face was flushed and Her voice husky as She told me to flick Her nipples with just the tip of my tongue. With one hand in my hair She controlled my head, with the other She reached round and smacked my pantied bottom with the spoon as i eagerly licked Her nipples. She was right, it didn't hurt nearly as much on my panties- wearing panties was a privilege.

She led me to the couch, laid me down on my back, stripped to Her bra and panties and mounted me. Forcing Her legs between mine, She ground Her pantied mound hard against my bulging pink panties and kissed me deeply. My legs involuntarily wrapped around Her . " I do own you, don't I?", She murmured, looking down at my flushed, teary face. I could only nod. She did.

Monday, August 30, 2021

Pantied by Her ........ Chapter 1

i am a sub-male of limited experience and training. Unfortunately, i am no longer the property of a Superior Woman since this incredible relationship ended several years ago, but the effect of Her training still lingers.
She turned me from being a typical selfish macho male into a submissive and obedient servant, sensitive to Her moods and needs. I learned to enjoy cooking, cleaning, laundering, and caring for Her as Her ' male maid'. This didn't happen overnight, but once i recognized Her natural superiority the changes were swift and inevitable. She quickly taught me the incredible rewards of being the inferior, submissive partner both around the house and in Her bed.
Discipline was maintained by humiliation and punishment. i grew to love the wonderful, watery-kneed feeling of helplessness as She marched me by my ear into the bedroom, put me across Her knee, and spanked me hard and long. My relationship with my Domme, 'Janet', began as a vanilla relationship. We met at a mutual friend's bbq and were instantly attracted to each other. She was a lawyer, nearly ten years older than me and much more assertive, all of which i found very sexy. As for Her, She told me later that She found my natural shyness and long, wavy hair irresistible. And, She said, She could spot a submissive man a mile away.
Within two weeks, i was living at Her home, a small hobby farm several miles out of town. Since She worked a long forty-hour week and i only worked part-time at a warehouse, i was responsible for household chores, cooking, and cleaning- already a submissive-type role. In addition, She was very domineering in bed- if i wanted sex, i did exactly what i was told. This was fine with me, i liked being on the bottom getting slammed into the mattress!
One Friday evening, She arrived home late, tired and irritable. She had had a difficult week, dealing with an obstinate male client with an undeserved superiority complex. This attitude of male superiority was very common in our small Australian town and it drove my Lady crazy. She was twice as intelligent as most of Her male clients but, because she was a Woman, She was viewed as somehow inferior. i was serving Her a glass of white wine when i carelessly slopped some onto Her skirt. That was the last straw, She lost Her temper completely. She slapped my face, grabbed my long hair and dragged me down across Her lap. She was so furious with the male world and, by extension, me. Pushing my face into the couch cushions with one hand, She yanked down my shorts (summertime- it was all i was wearing) and started to spank me.

Now 'Janet' was a big-boned Woman, almost 6', and She could spank! It sounds like a fantasy come true, but i was soon wriggling and pleading for mercy- it was so embarrassing and painful. She scolded me as She spanked; listing all my faults and failures. Real or imagined, it didn't matter- She was so angry. Unfortunately for me, i was becoming aroused- i had always fantasized about being spanked by a Woman and was enjoying it immensely, despite the pain. When She felt my erection pressing into Her thigh, She redoubled Her efforts until i was actually crying in a mixture of humiliation and real pain. She clamped my kicking legs between Hers, twisted my free hand up into the small of my back and gave me the spanking of my life (up to that point, anyway). i cried and wriggled and begged and sobbed but still Her hard hand slammed into my helpless cheeks. Eventually, i stopped struggling and surrendered to Her. i felt a sort of warm rush of submission flow through my body as i gave in to Her will.
At last, She pushed me to my knees at Her feet and pulled my face to Her panties, ordering me in a husky voice to please Her. I'll never forget the look of triumph on Her face as i knelt. By now, we were both really turned on- Her panties were soaking. As i knelt humbly between Her gorgeous thighs, my exposed freshly spanked bottom red and sore, i felt a strange sense of rightness. This is where i belonged, this was my proper place.
After She had been satisfied, She made me kneel in the corner of the dining room with my shorts round my knees, my hands folded on the top of my head, and Her wet panties in my mouth. i was in heaven! Needless to say, our relationship developed rapidly from this point on. She definitely wore the pants in our house and i happily wore the panties.

Friday, July 30, 2021

Maid For Her Pleasure

When i lived in with my Mistress J., on the days i wasn't working at my day job
i worked around the house as Her maid, often complete with wig, heels,
petticoats, frilly panties and make-up.
One morning i served Her breakfast in bed and helped Her get ready before She
went to work. i had displeased Her the day before and She had promised me a
punishment this morning. She led me into Her office by the ear and bent me
across Her desk for a disciplinary caning. Holding my skirts up daintily, i
danced and squealed through all twelve strokes (six on my panties, six with just
the back of my panties pulled down). She told me to stay in position over the
desk, then briefly left the room and returned moments later with a tube of lube
and Her favourite strap-on. She removed Her skirt and jacket, stepped into Her
strap-on and slowly but firmly penetrated my reddened bottom. Whipping me always
turned Her on and She gave me a good hard fucking until She came with Her 'cock'
deeply buried in my 'pussy'. Because i had been such a good gurl, wiggling and
pumping my bottom eagerly for Her, She said i deserved a reward. She reached
around me and started to stroke my clittie through the satin of my panties as
She pumped my 'pussy' vigorously. Of course i soon came in my panties, soaking
them with my gurl-juice.
After She had come a second time, She pulled out and pulled my panties up tight,
slapped my bottom and told me to get to work. She emphasized that i was to wear
my maid's outfit all day and that i wasn't to change or clean-up my panties. She
said that i would learn how real girls felt wearing wet panties. i dusted,
cleaned and cooked all day completely 'enfemme' and i loved it even though i had
already come. i felt so feminine and gurly with my petticoats rustling and my
stockings rubbing together. And of course, my damp panties and sore bottom
reminded me how gurly i really was. It was such a warm, submissive feeling to be
so feminine- this was my place and i loved it on a non-erotic level as well. i
knew i was safe, loved and appreciated as Her gurl.